Balraj Rathod

Swarachakra: Touchscreen Keyboard for Indian Languages.

There is a lack of means to input text in Indian languages in a market which is dominated by English interfaces. New text-input mechanisms have to go through a long process of prototype building and longitudinal user testing before the method is rolled out for general usability. A feasible course is to develop predictive models, which, in turn can be a beneficial mode for evaluating existing and new text entry methods.

The project involved modelling and simulation: development of an evaluation model based on Fitts’s Law (regression) in complement with key-stroke level model; Conducted user testing for Marathi language script users to predict expert level speeds across multiple competing keyboards offering similar functionality.

“Evaluation Model for Predicting Text Entry Speeds for Devanagari Script on Touchscreens.”

Research Project: May 2014 - July 2014

Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Mumbai, India

Design Research Intern

Human-Computer Interaction.

Prof. Anirudha Joshi, Human-Computer Interaction Scholar.


An Android platform keyboard for text input in Indic scripts.
Important feature: A pie menu that allows to explore more user interface libraries.